How to Win more at Slots - 8 Best Strategies

Can we get the advantage on Online Slot machines? In Short. Nope. We’re sorry to inform that no Slot Tip or Strategy will give players the edge on an Online Casino. Casino as a business wouldn’t exist if that was the case. And no… Martine Gale and other so called “Winning Casino Strategies” have been debunked long ago.

We can’t do magic but we can help evening the odds between you and the Casino. Below you find our Best Tips and Tricks for winning more at Slots Online. Join this quest for the optimal Slot gambling strategy. Let’s get to it!

1. Play Slots with High RTP

For obvious reasons (considering the site you’re on) our first Tip is to play Slots with High RTP (Return To Player). By doing this you give the casino as little advantage as possible and maximize your winnings. This is the most important Slot Tip we can give you! But what is High RTP?

We consider everything over 96.50% to be High RTP. The reason is that a majority of Online Slots actually have lower RTP’s then that.

Slots over 97% is considered to have very High RTP and you’ll find many of these in our list for Slots with Highest RTP and/or the RTP Top Lists for popular Slot providers.

We really recommend you to play mostly High RTP Slots. One way of looking at it is that you get to buy cheaper lotteries in a lottery. If the lotteries are cheaper you can buy more of them which will increase your chances of getting those long awaited Big Wins.

  • What is RTP?

Important reminder regarding RTP in Slots. Always make sure that you’re eligible for all the features, bonus games, freespin rounds etc. Why? Well if you don’t you won’t play with the full RTP value of the game. RTP for freespins rounds, bonus games and other features have a certain RTP that is higher then in the base game (the Slot game without the freespins bonus round etc.). If you only play the base game the RTP will always be significantly lower than the Slots stated RTP.

The easiest way of making sure you can access all the functions in the Slot is to always have all the pay/bet lines activated. If you’re unsure how to do this there’s always an information button in the game where you can read how to do this.

The Catfather from Pragmatic Play have one of the Highest RTP of all Slots (98.10%).

2. Choose the right Bet Size - The importance of Variance

It might not seem important but it can be a good idea to try out the Slots you’re gonna play by testing them in demo mode (with play money) or playing with a lower bet before deciding your bet size per spin.

Why you might think it’s all about luck. Yea that’s correct but while trying out a Slot you can learn about it’s Variance (also called Volatility) which is important when deciding your Bet Size per spin. This is crucial when playing Slots!

  • How to determine Slot Variance?

Why is it beneficial to know Variance of the Slot game you’re playing? Well if you know how risky a Slot is you can decide (at least roughly) a fitting size of your bet per spin. But is Bet Size really that important?

We would definitely say so yes. If you bet too much on a Slot with high Variance you risk running out of money really fast. If you bet too little on a Slot with lower Variance you’ll probably get nowhere. When you decide the size of your bet you also need to consider how much money you have (the bank roll) and what your goal with the gamble session is.

Let’s say you have €100 and want to play a High Variance Slot. If you want to be able to play for a while a bet size of around €0.50 would be suitable. If you want to take a chance a €1 bet can also work but then the risk of running out of money fast is of course greater. Everything over €1 will be very risky and you’ll probably won’t even have time to activate a freespin round before you’re bust.

Let us give you another example of the importance of Bet Size. Let’s say you decide to play online Slots over a weekend (friday and saturday night). You have a total of €200 that you can afford to lose (€100 per night). A thumb rule is to only gamble for the money you can afford to lose. If you don’t pick a fitting Bet Size to the Slots your playing you can end up having a really bad first night and losing €100 fast.

Do you think you will follow the budget and keep the other €100 for saturday? Probably not right. Our point is that Bet Size is the foundation of staying in control and keeping your budget. 

We also mentioned the goal of your gamble session. Well this is of course relevant since it directly affect the bet size. One way of determining the goal is the estimate how much a maximum win would give you.

In the case of you playing with that €0.50 bet on a High Variance Slot with a Max win of let’s say 5000x your maximum win would be 5000 X 0.50 = €2500. If that’s good enough for you then €0.50 is your bet!

To sum it up. It’s important to know the Variance of a Slot because it’s an important factor when deciding Bet Size. Bet size is important to get the most out of our gambling sessions and keeping the budget. When deciding Bet Size we also have to consider bank roll size and our own goal with the play session.

When you don’t have time or just want play directly you can see Variance levels if you Google the Slot name + Variance or check this site where we always give information about Variance. We have also listed Low Variance, Medium Variance and High Variance Slot games with High RTP.

Steam Tower is a Slot from NetEnt with Medium Variance and the superb RTP of 97.04%. It’s also great fun!

3. Avoid Slots with Low Max Win

While rarely discussed we’d like to emphasize the importance of selecting Slots with potential of really Big Wins. If we risk our money playing Slots we should at least expect to get well paid when that Big Win finally come! Right!?

The trick is that you aim for Slots with a Max Win of at least 500x or even 1000x your bet. If possible also try to picking Slots with RTP’s over 96.50%. In other words try choosing Slots with as High RTP and High Max Win as possible!

Some things are important to think about. If you choose to play Slots with Low Variance (volatility) you automatically get lower Max Win since the wins are more frequent. On the other hand you have High Variance Slots with much higher risk and wins that come sparsely. When you get that awaited Mega Win it will probably be really high though.

Is it better to play High Variance Slots to get good Max Wins then? Not necessarily. Even though you get the chance of huge wins you also risk losing money fast. We’d like to suggest a compromise here. By playing Slots with Medium Variance you get the best of two worlds. They can have Max Wins up to several thousand times your bet but still not being too volatile.

4. Consider NOT playing Jackpot Slots

We can all dream about one single spin giving us a life in luxury. Progressive as well as local Jackpots in Online Slots can get extremely big and it can be very tempting to give these Slots a try. We definitely don’t judge anyone from having those feelings or playing Jackpot Slots (believe us we played them too!).

We do however think it’s important to ask yourself some questions before spending a whole gambling session with a Jackpot Slot. What is your goal with gambling today? If your answer is somewhere along the lines of “A Big Win of a few thousands times my bet would be amazing” then High Variance or Medium Variance Slots is a better idea.

These Slots can give wins on several thousand times your bet. BTG is a Slot provider with highly volatile Slots that can bring massive wins up to tens of thousands times your bet!

If your feeling is that “Tripling my deposit sum would be nice” then you you definitely don’t need Jackpot Slots. Go for Low Variance Slots instead. In these your Big Wins won’t be so High but wins can come frequent which can boost your bankroll pretty fast.

mega fortune dreams rtp

The progressive Jackpot Slot Mega Fortune Dreams from NetEnt have a RTP of 95.90%.

Why are we suggesting to play none Jackpot Slots? Well when you make a spin at a Progressive Jackpot Slot a part of your bet goes to increasing that Jackpot which in reality means that you pay an extra fee every spin for a chance on the Jackpot. It might not seem like a big deal but if you don’t win the Jackpot (which to be frank you probably won’t) the Return To Player percentage (RTP) of the Slot has dropped significantly.

Another thing to have in mind before playing Jackpot Slots is that the Jackpots isn’t bound to the Casino your playing at. Even though the casino might make us think that the Jackpot can go off at any time at their casino (which ofc isn’t untrue), millions of players all around the world at different casinos compete for the same Jackpots. 

The conclusion to this is that almost all Jackpot Slots have a significantly lower RTP then Slots with no Jackpot (sometimes up to 5% or more). It can be very costly to play long sessions on Jackpot Slots and when weighing these severely lowered odds against hitting a dream Jackpot we think it’s reasonable to think twice before playing too much.

5. Prepare before playing a Casino Bonus

This Tip & Tricks guide isn’t about how to use Casino offers as a way to gain money. We do however know that Bonuses are a big part of Online Casino so we feel it’s in place to give some advice if you want to play a Bonus.

You’ve most likely been offered a welcome Bonus offer from a new Casino or a reload Bonus from a Casino you’re playing at and many of these offers are a great way to try out both the casino and the supply of Slots they provide. There are some things you should think about though.

Before activating the Casino Bonus check...

  • What the Terms and Conditions of the Bonus are (read!).
  • What's the wager requirement? (up to 35x is ok).
  • Need to wager both your deposit + Bonus amount?
  • Which Slots are restricted to play with Bonus money?
  • Is it a Maximum cash out on the Bonus? (some have a cap).
  • Max bet per Spin? (usually €5).
  • Is the Bonus amount cashable after wagering? (can ask casino support).
  • If there's Freespins included what's the Conditions for those?
  • What deposit methods that are allowed (Credit card, Skrill, PayPal etc) .

The most important thing to do before playing a Casino Bonus is to read Terms & Conditions of the Bonus! Every Bonus can have it’s own rules so be sure that you read the T&C’s link that is supposed to be in close proximity of the Bonus offer.

What to look for inside the Bonus Terms & Conditions? Well mainly things like wager requirements (on both Bonus and Freespins), if amount of the Bonus given is cashable after the wagering (many times it’s taken of your winnings), if certain Slots are restricted to play during the Bonus (often they are) and if there’s a cap on the Bonus.

If there is a maximum cashout (cap) you should adjust your gambling to that and not play too many High Variance/Volatility Slots. A major win on several thousands times your bet might be capped in the end anyway (NOT funny).

6. Have some strategy while playing a Bonus

When you’ve done your homework and activated a Bonus with good “Terms” it’s time to play. Finally! Let us begin with saying we don’t want to rain on your parade and ruin the joy of just picking random Slots. We think just going with a feeling is a big part of the fun with playing Slots so please keep doing that!

This is however a Slot Tip guide and we do believe it’s beneficial to have a few things in mind while playing Bonuses. The list below give you some hints on how to improve your chances of cashing out!

Checklist while playing the Bonus

  • Check where you can follow the wager requirement.
  • Keep very good track of the wagering and adapt to the progress.
  • Find the right Bet Size to your bankroll and goal with the Bonus.
  • Play Slots with the Highest RTP (check our Tops Lists for suggestions).
  • Don't play Jackpot Slots during a Bonus (might be void if won).
  • If you win up directly check if you can cash out (cancel Bonus).
  • If it's going bad go for High Variance Slots to turn the tides.
  • Avoid High Variance Slots in the end of a Bonus (if you've won).

It’s important that you closely follow the progress of the Bonus turnover. Maybe not so much the first 50% of the Bonus but you don’t want to risk too much when you have 25% left of the Bonus wagering and have gained a considerable amount. 

Some things to consider after you activated the Bonus and are about to hit the Slots is finding a bet size that fits your total bonus bankroll (deposit amount + given Bonus amount). One recommendation is that that you figure out (at least roughly) what your goal with the Bonus is. Let’s exemplify this.

 Let’s say a player deposit €100 on a 100% Bonus and receiving a total of €200. If your realistic goal is to cash out somewhere around €300 – €400 then a bet size of around €1 per spin could be appropriate with a bankroll of €200.

Of course you can have different approaches and go for €2 per spin in the beginning and hope to get lucky. Or if you want to be sure to get of play for your money a €0.70 bet per spin can be good.

This is of course no exact science but from our (pretty long) experience of playing casino Bonuses we can say for sure that some form of strategy can help to have as much fun as possible and have a decent chance of cashing out.

Immortal Romance from Microgaming is a 243-lines High Variance Slot that can help you getting a massive cashout from a Casino Bonus. It also has a great RTP of 96.86%.

Another thing you can check after playing a while is if it’s possible to cash out your winnings. Some casinos actually have Bonuses that you can cash out if the Bonus haven’t been activated. Let’s say you deposit €50 and get 100% (€100 to play with). Some Bonuses are only activated once you lose your deposit amount that (€50 in this case).

If you win up directly without going under €50 you can cash out your winnings. The Bonus amount will then be taken off but sometimes this can be worth doing this. Check the Terms & Conditions for the given Bonus or check the page where you can see the wagering requirement. Sometimes you can see information about that. You can also always ask the Casino customer support.

Try your skills with a BONUS

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  • Play with up to €600
  • Well categorized Slots
  • Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Turnover: 30x (Dep+B)

7. Try to stay focused during rough times

Everyone who’s been playing Slots for a while have been there. Suddenly out of nowhere it just happens. That streak of bad luck that sneaks up on you and never seems to go away. Those freespin rounds that never comes. When you think it’s impossible not getting the third scatter symbol…you get two again.

When you’re almost in despair thinking the freespins function must be turned OFF!? Right?? There’s seriously a technical problem with this Slot! I have to contact Casino chat support here.

Randomness is something we can never really wrap our human heads around. It’s both beautiful and ugly…both black and white. Most of the time it makes some sense. Wins and losses comes with at least some regularity. But if unlucky you can keep losing for really long periods. During these rough times it’s important to keep the calm and to use an old saying “sit down in the boat”. 

It’s easy to get emotional and consciously or unconsciously apply human attributes on something that is and will always be just a machine (in digital form) giving us random numbers.

Because that’s of course what a Slot machine is. We’ve listed some things that can be good to think about during trying times when we’re about to “tilt” (to borrow a term from poker).

Think about this in losing streaks

  • Don't gradually raise your bets per spin thinking "I HAVE to win soon".
  • Don't try to win back losses or chase down Features or Freespin rounds.
  • Take a break from gambling? Even for a longer period? Try a new hobby?
  • If you don't have one yet consider making a weekly or monthly gambling budget.
  • Stop gambling if you can't afford to lose more! It's not worth it.
  • Many Casinos have Betting limits and/or max gambling time. Use them.
  • Try not getting too upset. Randomness can sometimes seem extremely unlogical.
  • Remember Slot machines don't have any reasons to their "behavior".

Our biggest advice when you feel like negative emotions are taking over is to take a pause from gambling altogether to gather your thoughts. Doing something completely different is a really good way of distracting yourself from down spiraling gambling patterns. What you do instead is of course up to you but meeting a friend or going out for a long walk is things that worked for us.

In our experience it can help just taking a shorter break (shower, dinner etc.) but you need a break for at least a day or two to really get aways from haunting feelings of trying to win back lost money. After a day (and a good night’s sleep) you probably feel different and can start thinking rationally without emotions involved.

Most of the time it’s probably best to accept that the money is gone. By trying to win back what’s lost chances are you end up digging yourself even deeper in losses. Which leads us to Tip no 8.

8. Learn to accept losses

Accepting losses is as you can see also included in Tip no. 7 but we feel it’s important to stress so it get’s a headline of it’s own as well.

Gambling can be really treacherous and play games (literally) with our minds and earlier experiences. If you try to win back money (even though we highly recommend against it) it’s of course possible that you do win back at least some of your losses. This can happen over and over which might make us believe it’ll happen every time if you only play long enough.

It’s important to remember the Casinos edge (House edge) in these moments. The casino will no matter what we do always have a few percent advantage on us.

Let’s say you play (wager through) €1 000 on Slots with 4% edge for the casino and end up losing €200. This is of course seen objectively way too much (“normal” loss would be €40) and totally unfair (in our view anyway). If you decide to try to win back these losses you’ll have to keep playing and sometimes for a long time to reach those Big wins.

But by the time you’ve hopefully recouped some of your losses you might have played through €10 000. The highest probability then is that you end up losing around €400 anyways. The question we need to as ourself is it worth the risk? By engaging in the quest to recoup losses we end up exposing ourselves against House edge even more making the probability higher and higher that we end up with big losses anyway. 

The more we play the higher chances of bigger losses. A better way of playing Slots and to keep it as pure entertainment (as we think it should be) is to se up loss limits or time limits for your gambling sessions. Sitting a whole night trying to win back losses is neither good for for mental or physical health (and can end up very costly as said).

We don’t really want to give any moral lessons on how to live your life because in the end it’s up to you. We can just express what we think based on our own experiences.

If you feel you’ve been caught in negative gambling patterns please seek help. Left unchecked it can lead to serious gambling problems and real life consequences. Stay safe!


Well that’s it! Now you can go and bust the bank so to speak. Actually to be honest winning big at casino will never be a walk in the park but what’s the thrill in only winning…right? We’d like to finish off with some things worth remembering. No matter how many Tip and tricks we apply to our Slot gambling in the end it’s all about chanse.

Once you’ve hit that Spin button the Random Number Generator (RNG) in the Slot machine has already set the outcome. No matter if you hit stop before the wheels have stopped by themself or push the Spin button faster the procedure is the same. A number has been produced at the millisecond the button is pressed. The rest is just for show when the Slot machine gives you a nice visual presentation of that number. 

If you keep losing too long we recommend keeping the calm and not getting too carried away with emotions (if you win that’s ok though). Raising your bet thinking your luck will turn in the next spin, exceed your gambling budget or sitting up all night trying to win back losses is most likely not a good road to go down and often it’s here a gambling addiction can gain a foothold. Please gamble responsibly and most importantly have fun!