Video Poker RTP

Video Poker might not be the most popular game among the players and many even think playing Video Poker is a sheer waste of time. While playing Video Poker, players head straight to the slots to try their luck. But this is a total myth.

Video Poker doesn’t appear to be attractive and bright, but in the long run, it gives several rewards to its players as compared to other gaming Slots. Apart from Blackjack, Video Poker is actually the casino game that rewards its players the most.

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Video Poker appears to be a game of chance for beginners. But for experts, the same game is a game of skill and a game which brings a large amount of fortune for them. one significant fact about this game is that every decision you take has a vast impact on the result of the game, unlike other slot games. Another unique feature of Video Poker is that you get to know the payback percentage of the game.

So, what is this payback percentage? This payment percentage tells the player the amount of money he would get back as a winning amount in the long run. The payback percentage ranges between 70% and 90% for other slot games, but for Video Poker, it is around 97-99%. Hence, the chance of losing in Video Poker becomes relatively more minor.

Return-To-Plater (RTP) in Video Poker

Video Poker provides its players with maximum winnings. A success strategy in this game is based on a combination of a particular variation of video poker and paytables, which gives maximum winning to its players. This shows the highest house edge of the game and the payback percentage along with it. This payback percentage is commonly known as Return to Player (RTP). RTP is the percentage paid back to the player, which is the winning amount in the long run. This is the deciding factor whether Video Poker is a good machine game or not.

A typical nine by six or a Better Video poker game has an RTP value of 99.54%. What do I mean by that? It means for every 100 dollar investment done by the player; you get back $99.54 as a winning amount. This percentage even calculated on an average; it becomes thousand and millions of dollars in each round in the long run. RTP is the amount gained by a player if he plays accurately and tries his luck with the maximum bet.

House edge is the amount of money the player can keep over the period. Every casino player should be aware of it while entering the gambling world as casino games are designed to provide an advantage to their players. In the case of Video Poker, the house edge is not the sole winner. It is precisely the flip side of RTP. For example, if you are playing a game with a payback percentage of 99.54%, then your house edge would be as low as 0.46%. this is the lowest among all other casino slots. If by chance, you are playing a game of RTP of 100%, the maximum house range of that game would be 0.76%.

It is a trick done by casinos by revealing the RTP rates for the games to show how favourable those games are, which would attract maximum players. Even if the returns are not mentioned, you eventually get to know which game will make you rich and which ones will leave you penniless.


The return that you expect from a game always depends on a particular paytable. Full House and Flush are two payout indicator for house edge and RTP. The players should stick to the full payout games, which gives them nine times their original amount put to bet, while Flush provides its players with six times its betting amount.

Short facts about RTP in Video Poker

  • The nine by six Jacks or Better full game gives an RTP of 99.54%
  • 10/8/5 Bonus Poker has a RTP of 94.18%, which is among the lowest for Video Poker
  • Four of a Kind payouts depend on the way the cards are composed
  • A hand of Two Pair pays evenly instead of paying the double amount

There are several Video poker combinations, mainly with lower RTPs are often called by players as ‘tight’. Players are seen to stick to paytables which are much more balanced. Some combinations offer regular low payouts, whereas some give the players jackpots. The player should be lucky enough to choose a suitable paytable for themselves.

What are the Video Poker combinations with high RTP?

Several slot games have RTPs of over 100%. This is possible only if a player seldom makes mistakes and plays with the correct strategy. A full match of Deuces Wild gives a return of 100.76%.

A ten by seven Double Bonus Poker also allows its players to win an RTP of 100.17%. It consists of a double feature offering its players a double bonus in the winning amount. In this game, there are five cards, out of which one card is faced up, and the player needs to choose that card wisely. The player wins if the opened up card has a higher value than the original card.

The game Double Double Bonus Poker also gives its players a higher than usual RTP, 98.98%. It is a full-pay game of Jacks or Better, but the payout depends on a Four of a Kind. It has to be strong enough- it begins with fifty coins and reaches 400 coins for four Aces.

Hence, the video poker games which offer their players progressive jackpots can be a popular gaming slot for them. The simple reason is that the RTP percentage of such games proliferates and gives its players a jackpot amounting to over 100% of its betting amount. But the players also need to keep in mind that to play the jackpot games, the player needs to play on the maximum bet, resulting in them running out of money swiftly.