Steam Tower Slot RTP

If we’d only recommend a handful of Slots Steam Tower from NetEnt would certainly be one of them! This is a big favorite game for us. Why? Well there are many reasons but the high RTP of 97.04% is of course one of them. But a Slot need to be entertaining too. And this one really is! The base game doesn’t have any special features but this game is all about the Freespin round.


The set up is that you climb higher in a building and at the same time trigger a higher multiplier for every new level. You also get 2 extra spins if you get the right symbol on the board. This can make the freespin last  a long time. It’s not easy to get Big Wins since it’s a 15 – lines Slot but since it’s also fairly easy to activate the Free Spin round and new chance is never far away. Great fun that you need to try!

  • Play with up to €400
  • Great new Casino
  • Turnover: 30x (Dep+B)
  • Minimum Deposit: €10

Reflections on RTP in Steam Tower

  • Steam Tower have among the Highest RTP of all NetEnt Slots.
  • It's easier to trigger the Free spins then in most other Slots.
  • We estimate that 1 out of 10 Free spins pay up really good.
  • The base game pay rather poorly so you need that Freespin.
  • Steam Tower is most often allowed with BONUSES.

Steam Tower Screenshots

Overview of Steam Tower Slot

The Steam Tower is a Slot game from NetEnt. The game is a five-reel and fifteen Pay-line Slot machine that takes its players on an enchanting journey. The game is inspired by the excellent design of the 19th-century Victorian period. The vast experience of the game begins when the player climbs up to the Steam Tower. They do this to rescue a princess from the clutches of an evil dragon.

When players make their way up the Steam Tower, they tend to get Free Spins. During this time, the Slot game’s multiplier boosts the player’s winnings. By the time the player gets to the Tower’s top, they get to save the Princess while receiving an x7 multiplier and a bonus coin prize.

The Steam Tower Slot game has a minimum bet value of fifteen pence for one spin. The set comes with a Steampunk-inspired theme. The Slot game from NetEnt comes with stacked wilds plus an excellent Free Spins feature. The game can increase its multiplier feature to x7. This multiplier feature increases as players make their way up the Steam Tower to rescue the Princess from the wicked dragon. Players can play the game with a maximum spin value of 150 pounds per spin.

Players can trigger the Steam Tower’s Free Spins mode through the stacked wilds. With this, the game then moves up to the first floor. Be on the lookout for these wilds in the feature. These will offer the players two more Free Spins as the game moves up to the upper floor.


As players play the game, they will see the Floor Meter underneath. The Floor Meter tells the player the floor they currently are on. You will also see the Multiplier Meter. It shows the player the value of the current multiplier. And lastly, the player gets to see the Tower Meter. The Tower Meter tells the player the current multiplier plus their location within the Meter.

Players get to climb up the Tower by using the Free Spin feature. They do this until they get to the top of the Tower (the sixteenth floor). Once here, players get the cash prize, which gets valued at 1,000 coins.

 The Multiplier value for each level is as follows:

– The first to the third floor gives the player a 2x multiplier.

– The fourth to the sixth floor offers players the 3x multiplier.

– The seventh to the ninth floor provides players the 4x multiplier.

– The tenth to the twelfth floor gives players the 5x multiplier.

– The thirteenth to the fifteenth floor offers the player with the x6 multiplier.

– The players get the x7 multiplier once they get to the sixteenth floor.

With Steam Tower’s game, players get to win mainly with the Free Spins. This Free Spins feature comes with a healthy amount of payment for players of Steam Tower. Players can win a massive value of about 2,000 times their betting amount.

However, to win this, they will need to have stacked wilds on all reels. The Slot game is nicely balanced – and since it’s a Medium Variance Slot it offer both the possibility of great wins as well as not being too volatile.

Steam Tower has four distinct high-value symbols. They are the Tower’s summit, the Princess, the hero of the game, and the dragon’s goldeneye. The lower values of the Steam Tower are J, Q, K, and A. They get accessorized with various industrial cogs. The game comes with dual wild symbols. They are the hero and the hook like grappling gun.

Game info and Paytable

The Free Spins Feature of the Slot game

The Steam Tower Free Spins feature gets triggered by landing one or more stacked wilds on every position in the reel. At the start, players get ten numbers of free spins and then make their way to the summit of the Tower. The player’s objective in the Free Spins mode is to get up the Tower as high as they can. When they do this, they get bigger payouts with bigger multipliers.

‘They then ultimately get to save the Princess on the Tower’s sixteenth floor. To go up the Tower, players have to get one or extra symbols of the grappling gun. They can go up a single level and get two additional Free Spins. The player gets more than twenty Spins every time a player gets to activate the Free Spins feature. This generous amount of Spins means that they can smoothly go up the Tower.

At the final stage, players use up every one of their Spins. The Spins get summed up and awarded when a player gets to the summit of the Tower. They get then given a plentiful amount of 1,000x multiplier.

Verdict and Conclusion

The Steam Tower is a decent slot game from NetEnt. NetEnt is famous for creating exciting slot games. Therefore, with the Steam Tower, players are in good hands. It has compelling gameplay. It offers an attractive Return-to-player (RTP) percentage value of 97.04%. However, players get to win big with the game’s Free Spins features. Therefore, players would keep an eye out for the stacked wilds.

To sum it up. Steam Tower is very good and entertaining Slot game with and awesome RTP value of 97.04%. It is acceptable to say that the name of the developers seems to market the game. However, the Steam Tower slot game seems to hold its own with a new storyline and high payout values.