Jack Hammer 2 Slot RTP

Jack Hammer 2 – Fishy business (NetEnt) is the successor of the online slot machine Jack Hammer which brought us the now classic concept of “Sticky Wins”. The Jack Hammer 2 Slot RTP is 97.07% which is considered really high and also slightly higher then the original Jack Hammer (96.96%).


The variance (volatility) in this slot is low. Jack Hammer 2 is by many considered to be more sophisticated than it’s predecessor even though many features are similar. The game is built upon symbols that get locked whenever you get a winning bet line.


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Reflections on RTP in Jack Hammer 2

  • You get a lot of hits with the Sticky Win function but mostly with low paying symbols.
  • The Freespin Bonus is easy to unlock.
  • The Jack Hammer symbol (green) is incredibly hard to get Sticky Wins on.
  • To get good Big Wins you need Freespin round and High paying symbols.
  • Not many slots with this High RTP are allowed in Bonuses.

Jack Hammer 2 screenshots

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Theme and symbols

The video slot of Jack Hammer 2 begins with a short animated film that introduces the video slot’s characters. These characters come on to the screen as players play the game.

The game has a blue background, which features a nighttime picture of the Grand City Bridge as a backdrop. Also, this backdrop includes the city being drawn faintly behind it.

Jack Hammer 2 – Fishy business is really a very a colorful animated slot with clean cut design and funny characters (symbols) imprinted on the reels you play. The symbols represent different parts in this fishy story with the main characters being the highest paying symbols.


High paying symbols

The highest valued symbols represents our hero Jack who appear either smiling or fighting the bad guys. The next highest valued symbol is the girl Pearl, seen holding a microphone in one picture and crying in another. The third highest valued symbol is the antagonist Don Crabby who appear to be smiling of reasons unknown. The final highest valued symbol is Don’s goon who are prepared to fight in one picture and got beaten up in the another picture.


Low paying symbols

There are of course also a couple of low valued symbols (that we hope to avoid) in the story which include the picture of a vintage microphone, a spilled barrel of fish, an empty gun case, a dock scene, and a motorboat.


Wild Symbols

Wild Symbols are the symbols that replace other symbols who create winning combination. They don’t occur a lot in this game but they do exist. Generally, Wild Symbols in the Jack Hammer 2 appears on 2,3,4,5 position of the reels. During the free spin, they will appear on 2,3,4 reels only.

The Wilds feature in the game, Jack Hammer 2 wild symbols show up for the slot game’s whole duration. The game’s unique logo replaces every other character. This factor helps players from wins and during the Free Spin Bonus mode, you have an extra wild which always randomly show up on the reels. This give you a real advantage to get the much wanted Sticky wins when symbols get locked and respins occur.

Paytable in Jack Hammer 2

Playing the game

If you know how to play this Jack Hammer video slot, this is a massive plus for you. The game comes complete with incredible graphics to help complement the story line and the possibility of getting an enormous payout. You also get exciting features such as the Free Spins. In this Free Spins feature, Jack Hammer attempts to stop the Pearl from perishing. This context actually makes the game to become exciting on a different level then other slot machines.

In Jack Hammer 2 you get your highest achievement when the wins from the Free Spin feature get doubled (X2 multiplier). Furthermore, it is interesting to note that this sequel also has the famous Sticky Wins function from the previous game. In contrast, the extra Random Wilds bonus triggered during the Free Spins mode makes the video slot a hit.


Sticky Wins Feature

The sticky win feature is activated when you hit a win or when you get 3 or more free spins (scatter) symbols. The reels with the symbols and winning combination will be held making them “sticky” while the rest of the reels will spin again, giving you a chance to increase your winnings.

The reels will after that keep on spinning to try to add extra symbols to the winning combination. If a symbol is not added the sticky win feature will stop and the winnings will be added to your credit.


Freespins Bonus round

The bonus in the Jack Hammer 2 is activated when a minimum of 5 or more Free Spins symbols (or scatters) appears on a random set of reels.

During the bonus round of the game, every win landed by the player gets doubled. Also, players shall get random wild symbols that show up on the reels. Subsequently, the bonuses of the game quickly get added up to help the player get massive wins.


One random wild symbol

A random wild will appear anywhere on any wheel. The best is of course if it lands on wheel 1, 2 or 3 since its easier to get a hit here.


Sticky Wins in freespins

The Sticky wins function is activated the same in the bonus round as in the base game and if you get a real good locking it can result in a huge big wins since the wins are doubled in the bonus round.

On getting a 5 or more free spin symbol on random reels, you get an additional spin which will thus prolong the mode.

– 5 Free Spin symbols (scatters) give you 10 free spins

– 6 Free Spin symbols 13 free spins

– 7 Free Spin symbols will get 16 free spins

– 8 Free Spin symbols will get 20 free spins


Freespin round in Jack Hammer 2


Great RTP gives a lot of playtime

You won’t need to worry that this Slot machine will eat your money too fast. Well of course it’s possible but not very likely. NetEnt recenly lowered the volatility level från low – med to only low and we think it shows.

The probability of you getting a win on each spin is 23.10% which is almost 1/4 spins. If you combine that with the fantastic RTP of 97.07% and the fact that every winning spin can give lots of Sticky extra spins you get A LOT of playtime for your money!

jack Hammer 2 have been and still is one of our all time favorite NetEnt Slots. The dream is to get a Freespin round where mr Jack Hammer himself turns up and gives us that fantastic X2 win. Maybe one day…

Betting and bet limits

Before beginning the game, players must place their bets on each spin. Players can choose the amount of bet they need from the provided. The Jackhammer Video slot expects players to bet between £0.50 and £250 for every spin in the

This game is played on 99 win lines and 10 different bet level and various coins values.  The bet level is the number of coins that you play in each spin and the coin value is the amount of money shows the worth of the one coin.

Bet level is multiplied with the coin to determine per spin bet amount. The coin values that can be chosen are 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50.

To find the minimum and maximum bets for the Jack Hammer 2 then we must multiply coin value with the Bet level

Minimum Bet: If bet level is 1 and coin value is 1 cent then minimum bet that can be placed is €0.50

Maximum Bet: If bet level is 10 and coin value is 50 cents then minimum bet that can be placed is €250

Game settings and sounds

Jack Hammer 2 has various game settings that can be set based on your choice. They are 3 icons at the bottom left of the playing screen. You can choose to turn the sound “ON” or “OFF”. There is also a setting related to auto spin. On clicking the wrench, 3 additional setting appears on the screen and there are

– Ambience sound

– Sound effects

– Game history but it is not available in practice games

The sounds in Jack Hammer 2 is really nice and includes some bird squawking sounds,  water lapping against the docks and soft thudding sounds making you enjoy the feeling of sitting by the bridge at night.

Optimized for enjoyment on the go

Jack Hammer is an immersive video slot with a legendary backstory and engaging gameplay that promises massive payouts. The developers of this gambling system knew how catchy and fun their game is; they then produced its mobile version.

The mobile version of the Jack Hammer 2: Fishy Business comes with crisp images and excellent sounds.

With the game optimized for players’ enjoyment, anyone can enjoy the game while they are on the move.

Screenshot Mobile version


Jack Hammer is an exciting slot game with 99 pay lines where players can try their luck to get the massive payout. To win in this video slot, players will have to collect three identical symbols across a single line. However, while playing, much emphasis has been on the antagonist of the game – Jack Hammer. In this, Jack Hammer is the symbol with the highest payout.

The moment that you dive into this video slot that comes with a comic book style, you should check for the various symbols which emerge to help become victorious. These symbols make it highly possible to get a decent reward. This along with RTP of Jack Hammer 2 being so high makes it a must for slot lovers to try out.