Immortal Romance RTP

Immortal Romance is truly one of our all time favorite slot machines and if you haven’t played it yet it’s about time! This immensely popular 243-lines High Variance Slot has a RTP of 96.86% which is very good.


It also has the best soundtrack we ever heard in a slot machine along with top notch features and truly amazing game play. If Microgaming is the king of slot providers (as many would suggest) then Immortal Romance certainly is the kings crown jewel!


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  • Fast Signup
  • You can win iPhone 12 Pro
  • Minimum deposit: €20
  • Turnover: 35x (only bonus amount)

Thoughts on RTP in Immortal Romance

  • Immortal Romance has one of the highest RTP of all Microgaming slots.
  • RTP in this game is bound to huge wins so expect lower RTP in most sessions.
  • The Wild Desire feature is triggered on average 1/400 base game spins.
  • Freespin round is medium hard to activate but rarely pay over 100x.
  • It's important to get wins around 10x regularly to keep afloat.
  • It might seem like some freespins are better but they have the same potential.
  • Look out for Wild symbols in this game. They are everything!

Immortal Romance Screenshots

Why is Immortal Romance so popular?

It’s not easy to know exactly why a slot become especially favored by players around the world,  however there must be a few common denominators that makes an online slot successful right?

Let’s try to figure this out and for a (totally unscientific) thought experiment like that Immortal Romance is a perfect example.


First of all we think a good slot needs a decent theme. It doesn’t have to be original or new. On the opposite. Themes that players are familiar with might actually be better. This is most likely why slot providers tend to go back to slot themes like the old Egypt, enchanted forests, jungle animals, leprechauns, the wild west and so forth.

If you (as the player) is supposed to look at something for an extended period of time it’s easier to look at something you can relate to and/or are familiar with.Blood thirsty vampires is one of our society’s most famous folk tales so Immortal Romance definitely check this box.


Immortal Romance also take it one step further and develops features connected to certain symbols in the slot and all of this to the backdrop of a great soundtrack.

You get to listen in on the songs during the freespin rounds (they are actually really good!). This also shows there is care and money put in the the development of the slot which we think players appreciate. There are too many carelessly and sloppy made slots out there.


Design is of course also a very important factor to what level of popularity a slot can reach. We think symbols and background plus possibly moving graphics lays the groundwork and foundation of a slot. As you all know if the foundation of a house is shaky it will never be a great house and can even collapse.

Immortal Romance is a visually amazing slot with really well made symbols and graphics and no one can say there isn’t a lot of effort put in to the making of this slot machine.

Symbols and Features

No matter how appealing a slot might look on the surface it’s when you get down to it’s features you really can decide what a slot is made of. The whole idea with online video slots is to have a more interactive and entertaining set up for the player, otherwise we might as well just still play 1-line one armed bandits and hope for 777 or Bar Bar Bar.

Modern slot players have gotten used to wheels slowing down when the third Scatter symbol is incoming, several levels and symbols to unlock in the freespin round and much more.

We would go so far as to say that Immortal Romance was way ahead of it’s time with its well thought out and visually attractive features when it was released in 2011. As an example the Wild Desire feature has almost become mythical in the slot world.

It’s actually not more then one re-spin with randomly locked wild wheels but how it is performed along with the difficulty level of getting the feature at all we would say is a perfect example of how a slot feature should be executed.

The freespin rounds (as you can read more about below) is also incredibly well made in Immortal Romance and it’s features is really timeless. A good slot hold it’s entertainment value through time and this is really something you can say about Immortal Romance and the extreme popularity it still holds.


Regarding payout in Immortal Romance we think it’s high level of variance contributes a lot to it’s legendary status. It’s a rough slot for the wallet so be very careful!

It does however pay back well when you least expect it. You need the Wild Desire feature (read more about it below) or one of the 4 freespins rounds to really make Immortal Romance pay up and make it worth the ride.

Don't forget the RTP

Last but certainly not least we’d like to add another factor that should weigh in on the success on a slot machine. The RTP! We know that this is probably not something that usually players think about but maybe we should? The RTP is what the slot providers decide to give back to us for playing the slot.

Many times we have a really good slot but with a lusy RTP. For us at least this really drags down the feeling of playing the slot. It kind of feels like we’re paying a higher price for playing a fancy slot machine with nice features. A bit like a company over charging for a new product. This is surely not the case with Immortal Romance!

With close to 97% RTP this machine pays back extremely well over time and gives the player real good chances of winning big.

What pays best?

Immortal Romance is all about wild symbols. First of all it pays 3 times better then the second best paying symbol (Sarah the girl in red). Wild symbols also multiply wins 2X in the base game. So look out for wilds! After the wild symbols the symbol pays in following order. Sarah, Michael, Troy, Amber, A, K, Q, 10 and 9’s. You can see how much the symbols pay below.

Immortal Romance Paytable

Chamber of Spins - Four fantastic Freespins

If you manage to get 3 scatter symbols or more you enter the Chamber of Spins where you can start your journey towards unlocking all the freespin rounds. You start off with Amber and work your way towards Sarah. To get access to all 4 freespin rounds you need to unlock them.

You have to activate a freespin 5 times until it’s totally unlocked and can be accessed at any time. After 5 time you’re also able to go try the next freespins round. There are 4 freespins rounds and we’ll explain them below.


Amber Freespin - All Wins Multiplied 5X

The first level is The Amber Bonus and it’s pretty straight up. 10 spins with multiplier 5X. Here it’s pretty much to hope for wild and high paying symbols to rain down on the board. Since wilds double your wins you want them included for huge big wins. 3 scatter symbol in this freespin round adds another 10 spins (re-trigger).

Our reflections on this freespin is that even if it’s a bit boring but it can be nice to know that if you get a good hit you’re granted a massive win because of the high multiplier on all spins. 10 spins goes fast though and since it’s hard to get a good win many times you will end up with pretty much nothing.

Troy Freespin - Vampire Bats Feature

When you activated the Amber bonus 5 times it’s time for Level 2 in the Chamber of Spins which is the Troy Bonus. Here you get 15 free spins that you can’t re-trigger. You can however be awarded with up to 6x multiplier. Here’s how it works.

Every time you get a win the Vampire Bats Feature is triggered and some bats come and land randomly somewhere on the board (within your winning paylines). The symbol on the place where the bat land gets replaced in to a wild symbol with a 2X or 3X multiplier. Bats can land on more then one location which of course is very lucrative.

This is our favorite freespin round! It’s great that the feature is activated on every win and it feels reachable to get good wins. It’s also exciting to see where the bats will land and what multiplier it will be. It can really make a board so much better! Great stuff! A few more spins would have been nice but the bat feature weighs that up (most of the time).

Michael Freespin - Rolling Reels Feature

Time for level 3 which is the Michael Bonus. Like the Troy Bonus it’s also activated on every win you get except Scatter wins.

On each hit the winnings symbols are removed and in their now empty places the symbols above are being moved down. New symbols also comes from above then board. If you played NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest you know what to expect.

This removal of symbols then goes on until you don’t get anymore wins. On each hit there’s also an increasing multiplier that can reach a maximum of 6X. If you get a real good hit with a high multiplier the wins can be substantial! This freespin can’t be re -triggered.

This type of feature has since this slot was made been done in so many different variations that we’re frankly a bit tired of it. We’re talking about symbols being removed and replaced from the top.

When Immortal Romance was released this wasn’t  so over exploited as it is nowadays so we certainly don’t blame Microgaming for this. It just feels a bit old and outdated.

Sarah Freespin - Wild Vine Feature

For our last freespin level 4 we have the Sarah Bonus. Here you initially get 25 freespins and Scatter symbols adds extra spins. The so called Wild Vine Feature can transform random symbols into wilds and up to 15 symbols can be transformed in the same spin!

There are no multipliers in the Sarah freespin and the normal 2X multiplier on the wild symbols is also inactive. In short. This is a freespin round with a lot of spins and wild symbols (without multipliers).

This freespin could have been so much more entertaining but we think it’s too hard to get the Wild Vine Feature! 3 freespin in a row can pass by with only a few Vine features being activated. This gives a nasty after taste especially when you have chased down that freespins for so long!

It can of course deliver and it’s pretty cool to see the wilds spread around. Most of the time though when the feature actually IS activated it doesn’t spread to more then one or two other locations. This is really an all or nothing freespin. Plus for the possibility for extra spins though!

The Wild Desire Feature - Best ever?

A famous boy band used to sing “…larger than life” and we think that describes the Wild Desire feature in Immortal Romance pretty well. A feature that’s larger than slots and certainly more popular then most slots. Maybe the Wild Desire feature needs it’s own spin off slot? Why is it so famous then? Well that’s not exactly easy to explain but we’ll try.

A while after Immortal Romance was released in 2011 the Wild Desire feature rapidly became extremely popular among slot lovers and developed sort of a mysticism surrounding it. This has a few reasons we think.


“Suddenly it’s just there”

Firstly it is NOT easy to get the Wild Desire feature. Most features triggers pretty frequently (on average maybe every 30-40 spins). The Wild Desire feature triggers on average once every 400 spins. This is the first factor that makes this feature so magical. You can play Immortal Romance for many many times without getting the feature at all then suddenly it’s just there.

First you’re not sure if the slot is lagging on a spin or if something much better is about to happen. Then you hear that special music, the scenery changes and blood starts running down randomly chosen wheels. You now know you been awarded with something special and rare and let’s pause here for a moment and reflect on the greatness of just this moment.

This is (in our opinion) is the real magic of Wild Desire and the biggest reason to it’s mythic nature. You’ve been waiting for maybe 1000 spins and when you almost forgot the feature existed it’s there again.

At this point your heart probably start beating a little faster if you gotten the feature before (or maybe read this text). Either way you then know the immense potential of this feature.


What can you win?

Since Immortal Romance is a 243 lines slot getting locked wild wheels is extremely useful. High paying symbols on many different payline combinations can bring massive wins and this is definitely a big part of the success story of this feature.

Wild Desire can lock up to 5 wheels or in other words the whole board. That is of course a rather unlikely scenario but it is possible. Realistically though most of the time what we want is a few wheels to lock preferably on wheels to the left.

When the wilds have been locked it’s time for the actual spin. What should we hope for then? Well of course we want a lot of high paying symbols on the board but what might be even more important then that is to actually ge full rows or any kind of symbol.

If we let’s say have wild wheels 1, 3 and 5 locked and then get the symbols A (lower paying symbol) on wheel 2 and 4 this can bring better wins then if we have a higher paying symbol on just wheel 2.

The more wild wheels that’s being locked the better of course because you then get payed the maximum possible win on those winning paylines. If you get wheels 1,2,3 and 4 locked you will get payed for wild symbols on a LOT of paylines and if you’re lucky to also get one or more high paying symbols on the last wheel your win will easily reach several thousands times your stake.

This is also the final peace of the Wild Desire popularity puzzle. Wins can (with a little luck) get extremely high but you probably need at least 3 locked wheels for that.

Screenshot of Wild Desire Feature


Immortal Romance is a slot we will always come back to play. It has this timeless feeling to it that very few slots have. One thing that can be a bit annoying though is when you played the games many times and just want to play a certain freespin round.

If you’re at a new casino you will have to go through all the levels again which to be honest can take quite some time. We recommend that you keep playing this slot in one certain casino so you have all the levels unlocked once you’ve achieved it.

Our main reason for playing Immortal Romance isn’t the freespin rounds though (even if they’re really good). No the big attraction for us is the Wild Desire Feature that really stands on it’s own in this game. The feeling when you hear the music stops and see the wheels turn red…and you think…please make just another wheel wild.

That is priceless slot magic at least for us! Immortal Romance will keep it’s top position as one of the most played slot in the world but when will we see Immortal Romance 2 Microgaming!?