Dead or Alive RTP

Dead or Alive (or DoA as hardcore Slot lovers call it) is a Wild West-themed 9-payline video Slot running on the NetEnt software platform. It’s one of the real Slot classics known by players around the world probably mostly for it’s awesome freespin round where dreams really can come true.


The Dead or Alive Slot has a RTP (Return-To-Player) of 96.82% which is considered to be very good and on the top of NetEnt Slots. It actually use to have an even higher RTP but for some reason it was adjusted down by NetEnt. This is a high variance Slot that can eat money fast so fasten your seat belt while playing it!


If you love the thrills of High Variance Slots we also recommend you to try the even more volatile successor Dead or Alive 2 with possibilities of wins over 100 000x.


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  • Fast Signup
  • You can win iPhone 12 Pro
  • Minimum deposit: €20
  • Turnover: 35x (only Bonus amount)

Thoughts on RTP in Dead or Alive

  • The RTP in "DoA" is bound to BIG wins. In most sessions the RTP will be much lower.
  • Freespin round is very hard to unlock and mostly don't generate much.
  • We estimate that around 1 out of 15 freespins have potential of huge wins.
  • Wins in the base game don't pay much so you need that freespin!
  • If you don't get a freespin the RTP won't go much higher then 70%.
  • 5 scatters is kind of a jackpot and will pay you 2 500x your bet.
  • "DoA" is often "Streaky" because it can drain your bankroll over and over.

Dead or Alive Screenshots

Reasons to Dead or Alive's Popularity

Dead or Alive has since it’s release in 2009 been one of the absolute favorites among Slot players worldwide. It’s attraction probably lies in it’s capability to amass Sticky wild wanted posters over it’s X2 paying free spins and pay out extreme wins if you manage to get those magic 5 extra spins.

Another explanation to it’s popularity is the high Max Win which is 12 000x your stake. During a period we saw big win print screens all over the Internet from happy players who got extreme wins of 4 000x their stake and even more sometimes.

Nowadays there are lot’s of others High Variance Slots that can pay much better but Dead or Alive remains hugely popular. Dead or Alive has almost become some sort of legend in the video Slot universe.

It now also has a follow up called Dead or Alive 2 that has a Max Win of 111 111x your stake which is the highest we’ve heard of. The RTP of both the older version as well as the new is 96.82% which is a really good and one of the highest RTP of all NetEnt Slots. Because of their highly volatile nature you might have to wait a while to claim all of that RTP though.

The Magic of the Freespin round

To enter the bonus/freespin round in Dead or Alive you need a minimum of 3 scatters which triggers 12 Freespins with X2 multiplier (it’s always 12 spins no matter how many scatters). While playing the Freespin round wild symbols can appear randomly anywhere on the board.

These wild become sticky and remains on the same place for the rest of the freespins round. Needless to say you want to get as many as possible as soon as you can to earn winnings from them. You preferably want the wilds on a straight payline so you’ll get paid for them on every spin.

The greatest goal in the freespin round is to get one sticky wild on each reel because this will trigger 5 extra spins. If you by then have the wilds in really good positions these extra spins can produce extreme wins on every spin. This is the real magic of Dead or Alive and something that high risk Slot lovers around the world dream about.

Freespin round with good start

NetEnt gunned down the RTP

The RTP of 96.82% in Dead or Alive might be good but for some of us who used to play it “back in the days” it actually had an even higher RTP (somewhere around 98%). We’re not sure why NetEnt lowered it (maybe it was just TOO lucrative??).

We won’t complain too much though it’s still good and way above our recommended minimum RTP limit of 96.50%. One thing you need to be aware of though is that the majority of that RTP is tied up with major wins that can only be achieved in the Freespin round. You will never reach the RTP only in the base game.

This is however also the big charm of this game. It’s pretty much all or nothing and in all honesty we wouldn’t want it any other way. Right?


Paying symbols and sounds

Another part of Dead or Alive worth mentioning is the old school graphics which is really appealing to the eye, as well as the symbols that possesses nice and balanced shapes.

The Slot’s theme is obviously related to Wild West whereas high paying symbols depicts the sheriff’s badge, guns holster, cowboy hat, cowboy boots and hard liquor (whiskey in the glass?). A pair of pistols represent the scatters and the wanted poster being wild.

The sounds and music effects in Dead or Alive is also great and really fitting with the good-old Western theme. Sometimes I think we forget how sounds really can raise the experience of a Slot and this is a great example of this. In other words. No need to turn the sounds off!


Final reflections on a classic Slot

It is said by a wise person that Dead or Alive requires persistence and after devoting some time with the game you’ll probably agree with that. One good thing though is that the minimum bet, experiencing the Slot on all 9 paylines, is only €0.09 and also playing through this bet, the freespin round could bring substantial wins.

In other words you can enjoy the game without risking too much and still get a large amount of cash if that dream freespin finally come.

Dead or Alive has been and still is a Slot for dreamers and even though we don’t really recommend playing it too often because of the big risks of losing (pretty much all the time) we do think it’s worth a shot once in a while. One in our crew once got 5 scatters and another made it to the 5 extra spins and it’s really a special feeling.

So do enjoy this old school 9-liner with a good RTP along with sounds of pistol shots. Just please keep track of your money while doing it!