Blood Suckers Slot RTP

If you’re a sucker for blood thirsty vampires and slots with great Return To Player rate (RTP) then Blood Suckers from NetEnt has to be your first choice. This old school 25-lines video slot from 2009 is loaded with bloody wilds and a bonus game where you get the chance to hunt down the vampires yourself. 


The Blood Suckers Slot RTP of 97.99% is one of the absolute highest in the industry and even more then 10 years after it’s release this value remains top notch! Blood Suckers is a pretty fun slot too.


We’ve spent endless of hours hunting 5 wilds in the base game because it actually feels within reach. Blood Suckers is also a game with very low variance/volatility so you get a lot of play for your money.


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  • Fast Signup
  • You can win iPhone 12 Pro
  • Minimum deposit: €20
  • Wagering: 35x (bonus amount)

Reflections on RTP in Blood Suckers

  • Since variance is very low the RTP will be around 98% in most sessions.
  • 5 scatters pay 100x your bet (300x in freespin round).
  • 5 wilds on a payline pays 300x your bet (900x in freespin round).
  • The freespin is much harder to get then the Bonus game.
  • The Bonus game comes often and can pay pretty good.
  • Blood Suckers is extremely stable and pays out evenly.
  • Because of it's high RTP and low variance it's not allowed with Casinos Bonuses.

Blood Suckers Screenshots

An overview of the Blood Suckers Slot

The Blood Suckers is in many ways a very standard slot machine with it’s 25 paylines and 5 reels and rows. The base game has no features and the freespin which is triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols picturing a terrified bride has no special features either (if you don’t consider the X3 multiplier to be a feature).

You will be taken to a bonus game if you have three or more bonus symbols on one of the 25 paylines. The bonus will allow you to drive piles through the heart of the vampires and earn cash from this (pretty morbid?).

The supernatural movies, TV shows have always garnered attention from a huge section of the audience. Shows like The Vampire Diaries and movies like Twilight Saga, have been extremely popular amongst the youth. The slot is designed to offer a high payout ratio. The best part is, it is compatible for Mac, windows, computer operating systems and Linux.

The slot gives an eerie vibe and the setup has a Victorian touch. The detailed illustrations of fine art contain a lot of colourful shading. The primary characters include 3 male vampires, two of them having a creepy look, one with long hair and gray skin with a red turban, the other one is bald with pointy ears and green skinned. It also has a female vampire with wings. The wind blowing noise and background sound create a haunting and eerie atmosphere.

The vampire hunt Bonus Game

Sharpen your vampire-killing skills when you actuate the Bonus game by arranging at least three progressive Bonus images over a functioning bet line. These Bonus symbols are set apart by a stake and hammer. The game guides you into a haunting, stone internment chamber loaded up with old fashioned coffins.

Creepy violin music starts to play, featured by the eerie crash of entryways hammering and a pendulum clock ringing. At the point when the coffin with a vampire is opened, a wooden stake shows up and cuts the vampire in the heart, splashing blood on the ground around the final resting place.

The game closures when you click on one of three void final resting places. These are rather rounded with bats that fly out when the top is opened. When you click on a vacant coffin, the lids of the remaining coffins get opened and your reward score gets uncovered.

The Bonus game is as wee see it the funniest part of Blood Suckers and since it actually offers some real good prizes you can build up your bankroll pretty fast if you manage to enter the bonus game frequently. We also suspect that a large portion of the great RTP in this game is bound to the Bonus game so don’t get disappointed if you get the Bonus game instead of freespin.

Betting levels and Payouts

Blood Suckers offers up to four betting levels and you can play somewhere in the range of 1 to 25 bet lines for each turn. The greatest bet per game is 50.00 and the maximum win during free twists is 50 730. The most extreme success accessible in the Bonus game is 20 320 while the greatest big stake paid is 30 000 coins.

The online slots by popular slot provider NetEnt are known for their simple user interface and there isn’t anything muddled about Blood Suckers-aside from getting over any aversion you may need to seeing dribbling of blood. Current bet and value of coins balance are obviously shown just like the control panel underneath.

You are allowed to spin through somewhere in the range of 10 to 1000 turns with the help of advanced autoplay settings, and you can guide it about when to stop-whether it’s to play the reward game, or when the game arrives at your decision of income or misfortune.

You can expect the greatest conceivable payouts from the feature called free spin, because of the way that all successes will be significantly increased. Since the wild symbol pays the most, search for it, 7 500 coins for five of a sort. If your cells are filled with wilds, you will leave with 187 500 coins without a moment’s delay. The Bonus game can likewise give some delectable successes.


Blood Suckers - A RTP Success Story

If there’s one Slot that became famous basically because if it’s Return To Player (RTP) it’s without any doubt Blood Suckers!

Blood Suckers and RTP really goes hand in hand and even a slightly experienced Slot player knows that this game is the place to be when it comes to value for your money.

We at RTP-Slots always recommend playing Slots with RTP’s over 96.50% and with a payback of 97.99% it goes without saying that this really is a favorite Slot of ours! If you want suggestions for other Slots with similar High RTP check out our big list with the Highest RTP Slots right now.


  • One of the best Return rates (RTP) in the Slot world.
  • A lot of wins (high hit frequency).
  • Fun Bonus game that can pay good.
  • Simple user interface.


  • Lack of progressive jackpot.
  • Not a slot for high risk lovers.
  • Low Max Win.
  • Lack of features can make it boring pretty fast.

Blood Suckers on the go

The slot’s mobile version is available as well, and we find that it is just as fun and engaging as the version desktop offers. This implies that you can play the game at whatever point the urge hits you, regardless of in the event that it is for cash or for no particular reason.

You will just need to transform your telephone or tablet into scene mode so you can see the entirety of the lines. You will at present approach the very incredible highlights that have made this space so famous, including free spins and the reward game.


  • What's house edge in the Blood Suckers Slot?
  • What's the win/hit frequency in Blood Suckers?
  • What's the maximum win offered by this slot?
  • How to win at Blood Suckers?


Blood Suckers offers an impeccable layout and of the highest RTP of all slots. It is however a real old school slot (some would say outdated) and can’t compete with the more modern slots in terms of advanced features, video sequences and more. If you gotten used to these thing Blood Suckers will probably bore you pretty fast.

Slots are supposed to be entertaining but if you want to combine decent entertainment with the highest chances of actually winning Blood Suckers is worth a shot.

Also check out the successor of this slot. It’s called Blood Suckers 2 and was delivered in October 2017. It has a lower RTP but a funnier bonus game and an overall more modern touch. Happy vampire hunting!