No Deposit Bonuses and Free Spins for Indonesian Slot players

Online gambling, which provides the users with the convenience of playing from anywhere at any point of time is enormously popular nowadays. These days people with fast lives opt for online gambling rather than visiting brick and mortar casinos. But finding a suitable playce to gamle is one thing. Finding a Casino with lucrative offers is another.

With more than thousands of online gambling websites clawing for the numero uno spot, competition is immensely stiff. This leads the online casino websites to devise new methods of enticing customers every now and then: bringing about exciting new games, less adherence to rules and regulations, promotions and Bonuses.

In this era of extreme development within the online gambling sector players always look for the best offers and one of the most popular and timeless Casino offers is No Deposit Bonuses where the player get to try a certain Slot game without having to make a deposit to the Casino (No Deposit Free Spins). The other variant is that you get instant free cash to try the whole Online Casino (No Deposit Cash Bonus). On this page we enlist the best free casino gambling offers for our gambling friends in Indonesia. Enjoy!

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Among all these, the most popular and tantalizing ones happen to be the promotions and Bonuses. Gambling aficionados and laymen alike tend to distinguish casinos and choose them solely on the basis of the promotions and Bonuses they offer. Most casinos have a wide range of Bonuses to provide: first deposit Bonuses, loyalty points and many more.

However, the most favorite with the players is the “No-Deposit” Bonus that presents them with an opportunity to take a complete tour of the website and try out a few games without having to spend a penny from their pockets.

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More about No Deposit Free Spins

As the name suggests, “Free Spins” enable a user to try a number of games by spinning the reels quite a few times on a slot machine. There are games on which free spins are available which would allow one to try out the games and nothing would be subtracted from their balance in return. Some free spins require a meager amount of deposit while some require no deposits. In the case of “No-Deposit Free Spins”, no initial deposits are required to be made. Mostly, these “No-Deposit Free Spins” are offered as welcome bonuses when new users sign up on a new online casino website.

One just needs to open a new account on a website and he will be treated to a number of free spins without having to spend any money. The objective of providing free spins is to entice the player into playing a game and once he gets comfortable, he won’t be able to refrain himself from playing the game. At the same time, the player is also benefitted as he gets to acquaint himself with a particular game before he puts in big money at stake. On winning, these free spins add a small amount of money to a user’s account.  However, the user, at times, is subjected to a wagering requirement. 

Play Slots in Indonesia

There is more than one way to Play Slots Online. You can play for real money cash or for free. You can play them with your computer, your tablet or play Mobile Slots. Playing for free can be done either for play money or as a No Deposit Casino Bonus with a chance of converting this Free Money or Free Spins to Real Cash. Yes it’s possible to win Real doh for free!
A ND Casino Bonus often comes with a cap of max winning. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before you play always to avoid any bad surprises.

Here on we will guide you to Asia Slots and Free Slots. Check out our Fantastic Bonuslist for the Latest Casino Offers.

So let’s go thru the different ways to Play Slotmachines.

How to pick the right Casino as an Indonesian player?

When you feel like Playing some Online Casino you often tend to do a fast search on Google and pick the first Casino that comes up. But this is not the way to go and we will tell you why.

There are plenty of popular “pop up casinos” on the Indonesian market. The vast majority of these brands are temporary Online Casinos and might be gone tomorrow. You can easily spot these brands by the name of the url that leads you to them. When searching at Google for example you will find a lots of Casinos for Indonesian players that leads to a url that is just a ip number or a number + a Casino or Betting term. A Casino with a IP number url could look like this: A Indonesian Online Casino with a number + Casino / Betting term could look like this:

We don’t say that you shouldn’t play at such Online Casinos but we would advice you to think twice before you pick a Casino to play at.

To clarify, let’s say you were to start up your own Casino Brand hypothetically. One of the first things that would come to mind is to pick a name and a domain for your Casino. Would you then pick a name and URL that people could remember or would you name it with a random IP number? To us this speaks for it self.

So our advice is to pick a Casino Brand that got some history or at least some potential and has the ambition to last.
By doing this you will get a Secure & Fast paying Casino with Great Support and a legit licence.

This of course is not as easy as it sounds.
Thats why we took the time to do this job for you. At we try out all the Casinos Promoted here to make sure they are up to the standard you deserve as a player. It’s no secret that the Casino has the odds in favor, “the bank always win” like they say and the last thing you need is to lower your Odds even more by picking the Wrong Casino Brand.

Below we will list a few Casinos for Indonesian Players as alternatives to other popular Brands.

Because of the legal restrictions in Indonesia many more or less shady Casinos pop up like mushrooms. We know it’s not easy to find a Secure Casino to Play Slots at when the law doesn’t allow license controlled Slot Brands. That’s why we are here to help you navigate in this Indonesian Gambling Jungle.

To name a few of the most popular Casinos on the Indonesian market according to google searches;
Newplay88 slots, klikme88 slots, dewi88 casino, istana casino, java casino, agen77bet, asia77 slot casino, bp77 Online Casino and so on…

We wouldn’t tell you not to play at the examples they might be just as legit as any Casino out there but we want to give you an alternative to widen your perspective.

Why should you thrust us what makes us so much better than any other site like ours? Well we don’t say that we are the best site on the Internet but we know for sure we got the Experience of Casino, Slots, Betting and Gambling Online that it takes to give you good advice. Because of our history as pro punters for decades we know a thing or two about this Industry.

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Wagering Requirements

No-Deposit Free Spins bring with themselves something called “Wagering Requirements”. Also referred to as ‘wagers’, ‘spin throughs’, or ‘turnover requirements’, these happen to be the number of spins compulsory for a user to utilize before he can take back his winnings earned due to the free spins. For instance, if one spins the reels twice and wins an amount “X”, he would not be able to withdraw this money before he has played 70 times if there is a wagering requirement of 35x. After the wagering requirement is fulfilled, the player can easily take out his money from his account.

This causes the players to win some money as well as lose some, thereby giving the casinos an opportunity to save themselves from losing a huge amount of money. The wagering requirements vary from casino to casino, but it’s generally between 20x and 40x. Generally, wagers on No-Deposit Free Spins are much higher than those which require first deposits. 

There are some casinos which do not provide free spins with a wagering requirement, much to the delight of the gamers. A user is provided with a number of free spins once he signs up. He can utilize the free spins and withdraw his money whenever he feels like. This encourages the user to keep on playing and recommend the particular website to other gamblers. However, this type of offer is provided by a handful of casinos and is very rare. For instance,” Hello Casino” offers no deposit free spins that do not have any wagering requirements attached to them. 

No Deposit Cash Bonuses

Not only free spins, the online casinos also allure the gambling addicts with free cash accredited to their accounts on signing up for the first time. However, the amount that would be transferred to a user’s account on signing up for the first time would entirely depend upon the casino. The amount generally varies from 5 pounds to 10 pounds. It is a great opportunity for all the players to try out various games without spending anything. As this happens to be a risk-free affair, it is tremendously popular with gamers. However, nothing in this world is entirely free and the no- deposit cash Bonuses are no exceptions in this case.

The no-deposit cash Bonuses are subjected to wagering requirements i.e. withdrawal of the money won due to the Bonuses is not allowed until the wagering requirements are met, much like what happens in the case of free spins. The wagering requirements range from x10 to x50 or x60. This kind of offers turns out to be really useful in case of beginners who are about to start their gambling journeys. There is nothing to lose; if you like the online casino website, then play on and if you do not, then you are free to try out other websites. 

There are websites which offer No-Deposit Bonuses that do not come with wagering requirements but these instances are very rare. Generally, relatively newer casinos come up with such offers with the hope of roping in new customers and building a strong customer base. 

Free Play Bonuses

Free play Bonuses are a little different from free spins. In this case, the users are given a stipulated time period and some amount of cash without making any initial deposits. Within the given time period one can play with the given amount of money as much as he wants. Once the time runs out, the user is left with the amount that he has earned for himself. However, like other no-deposit Bonuses and free spins, one cannot withdraw his money even if the stipulated time period is over. The user is subjected to a wagering requirement on meeting which he would be finally able to withdraw all his money.   

The gamblers are sincerely requested to know and familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations associated with the no-deposit Bonuses. Some no-deposit Bonus offers might be a little misleading and deceptive. Hence, one should read the FAQ page on a website or call the website’s customer care number to fully know the offers he is entitled to. 

Usually, once the no-deposit Bonuses are over, and the customers make their initial deposits, they are showered with more enticing offers to keep them glued to the website.

Many Casinos provides a user with as many as 10,000 coins the moment he signs up without making any initial deposit. Also, this casino gives its customers free credits almost each day so that one can indulge himself in playing over 150 amazing slot games. This is often considered to be five-star rated casinos.

There are even offers for 100 Free Spins no deposit required. All one has to do is to sign up for the website and then he is treated with as many as 100 Free Spins without having to put in any real money. As a result of the considerable number of free spins offered by the casino, one can keep on spinning the reels on a slot machine until he gets familiarized with the concept of playing a particular game. Once one gets exhausted of the free spins, one is entitled to a certain code which would fetch him more free coins!!

Slot Planet is an online casino website which endows the user with 10 pounds of welcome Bonus on registering for the first deposit. Of course, the user is not required to deposit any money from his side. This casino has a 4-star rating. 

BGO Casino has a rating of 4.5 and entertains the users with a no-deposit Bonus of 10 pounds. The users are also entitled to a Bonus code of “400NEW”.

Again, Ovo Casino is a 4.5 star-rated casino which provides a welcome Bonus of 8 pounds. There are many more casinos which provide attractive welcome Bonuses and free spin such as the ones mentioned above. Paddy Power Casino, SkyVegas Casino, Lapalingo Casino, OrientXpress Casino happen to be few of the significant casinos with good promotional offers.

When it comes to no deposit free spins, casinos like Sir Jackpot, Live Lounge, IGame, LeoVegas, Insta Casino, Chance Hill, Slotty Vegas happen to lead the league. 

No deposit cash Bonus, free spins or free play Bonuses all happen to be a part of the marketing strategies of the websites and hence the gamers are advised to go through the terms and conditions related to the offers. 

Gambling in Indonesia

Indonesia as a country has grown economically in the past few years due to having a cordial relation with multiple Asian and Western countries. The country is known to have a population of around 270 million. A major part of the population are Muslims and according to the Islamic laws gambling is prohibited so the country has enforced some strict gambling laws to shut down all land based casinos over the past few years. Due to this most of the gamblers had to rely on online casinos.

Online gambling in Indonesia has experienced a massive growth despite the country enforcing strict gambling laws. Let’s find out what is the reason behind the rising popularity of gambling in Indonesia?

Though the country had tried their best to implement laws in order to ban gambling but that hasn’t stopped the gambling enthusiasts from gambling on the various online casinos. Gambling has been a part of Indonesian culture for a long time now. The online casino sites are the safest way and secured way to gamble for the players in Indonesia.

According to the sources online slots are considered to be the most popular casino games in Indonesia. Most of the online slot providers make their slots mobile friendly and that makes it more accessible to people of various generations. E-sports betting is also getting popular in Indonesia amongst the younger crowd.

A wide range of online games

The option of having multiple online casinos make it accessible for players to sit at home and enjoy their favorite slots. In addition, online casinos feature more slots compared to land based casinos. So, the rising popularity of online gambling in Indonesia makes sense as it solves the accessibility issue and at the same time you can get a range of titles to choose from. You can find plenty of online casino games with different themes and gameplay. Older generations are more inclined towards online slots, Blackjack, Poker, Bingo and Roulette while the younger crowd are more inclined towards sports betting. 

Cashless transactions is one of the many reasons why gamblers are preferring online casinos. You can easily open a betting account at your favorite online casino, wager money, play your favorite slot and then withdraw your winning through digital payment methods. Some of the companies in Indonesia are providing secured transactional services which makes it more reliable. These transactional services are trustworthy hence you can gamble as much as you want without worrying about safety and privacy. 

The Indonesian online gambling market has experienced impeccable growth in the past few years. Online slots are very popular amongst Indonesian gamblers. Pragmatic play slots are considered to be the most popular in Indonesia. The provider has been gaining popularity in the Indonesian market for creating asian-themed slot machines with interesting features. You can also find a lot of casino streamers in Indonesia are streaming their live gameplay on streaming platforms like Twitch, Facebook live, YouTube etc. You can join the streams by creating an account on any of the streaming platforms. By watching the online casino streams you can get a clear picture about the games you might want to try. 

The Indonesian government has tried their best to implement strict laws to ban gambling in all forms. In the year 2012, the Indonesian government was trying to design new laws to ban gambling, including the online casinos. This was the reaction of the huge amount of money spent during the 2021 Euro world cup betting. Some gamblers even had to sell their properties to be able to gamble.

Future of gambling in Indonesia

As we already stated that all forms of gambling have been banned by the Indonesian government but gamblers have always found a way to continue their activities through the help of online casinos. The gambling laws are not going to change soon as the country has 85% of Muslim population and gambling is seen as an evil activity in Islamic culture. Though, we can expect the government in future to reform some laws but it’s too soon to speak on it.