Best Medium Variance Slots

Slots with Medium Variance gives really Big Wins without being as volatile as High Variance Slots. Maximize your wins by playing these Slots with High RTP (Return To Player).

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  • What is RTP?
  • What is Slot Variance and how does it relate to RTP?

What is a Medium Variance Slot?

Slot players nowadays turn to Slot machines with Medium Variance since they offer pretty much the same excitement as High Variance Slots but without being as costly. This is probably why slot manufacturers have produced a a lot of Medium Variance Slots the last few years.

The term Medium Variance Slot refers to a Slot game that pays out money with medium regularity. Your wins will neither come very often nor very sparsely but can still get pretty high. Max Win in the medium variance segment of online Slots can sometimes get as high as several thousands times your bet.

Even though they don’t compare to Max Wins of the most volatile Slots, players often think it’s enough to be able to win 2000x your stake. If you have a bet size of €1 and win €2000 most people won’t complain with that.

The characteristics of Slots with Medium Variance

The list with Medium Variance Slots on this page include many different Slots with various features. Their similarities is however that they are in between low and high risk.

Medium variance or Medium Volatility Slots (as they’re also called) are meant to have a balanced pay out structure. The goal is to give the player the possibility of both really big wins but without “eating up” the money too fast (as highly volatile Slots often do).

In other words the payouts in medium variance Slots will be less regular then in Low Variance Slots but more regular then in High Variance Slots.

Other characteristics of Medium Variance Slots is that they tend to include freespin rounds and with bonus games with the potential of really good wins. An example of a Slot provider that have many medium risk Slots is Thunderkick.

5 reasons to play Slots with medium risk

  • You get the potential of great wins but without risking too much.
  • You have mostly played Low Variance Slots and want more excitement.
  • You feel that High Variance Slots are too volatile.
  • You want higher hit frequency then in high volatility Slots.
  • You want more frequently Freespin rounds and bonus games.

Can we determine Slot Variance ourselves?

Yes we can but it’s not a straight up answer. The best known practise to get a feel for what kind of Slot your playing is to…well play it. First of all want to say that you of COURSE can just stay at  our site since we offer lot’s of information about Slot variance for many popular Slot providers. 

If you however want to find out the variance of a Slot you can play a decent amount of spins on it (more then 1000 is recommended) to see how it behaves. You can spin with a very low bet size or even try demo versions for free.

After a while you’ll start to see things like. How hard is it to activate the freespin round?, how well does bonus game or other features pay? How many of the spin you get your money back or at least win something?


How hard is it to activate the Freespin?

From our experience with Slots a high variance Slot would activate a freespin round around every 50-60 spins (in average).

A Medium Variance Slot would probably activate the freespins at around every 30-40 spins and the low variance Slots around maybe ever 20 spins you make. This can of course differ depending on how the Slot is constructed  but the average would probably lie around these numbers.


What’s the potential in the Bonus game?

A bonus game in a High Variance Slot could pay up to 500x and even up to 1000x and sometimes more. A bonus game in a medium variance Slot would probably pay up to a maximum of 500x but more likely from 200x – 300x. A low variance Slot would most often pays at most 200x – 250x but more often 100x – 200x.


Take a look at the Paytable

You can also look at the paytable of the Slot and see how much the different symbols are paying. In Slots with higher volatility the highest paying symbols pay a lot more then the medium and low paying symbols. The medium and low paying symbols in the high variance Slots usually pay out fairly modest. 

In Medium Variance Slots the highest paying symbols pay (obviously) less but more important the gap between them and the lower paying symbols is also typically smaller. Meaning the the differences in payout of the high, medium and low paying symbols is not extreme. Medium is as we know the middle more balanced way.

Low paying symbols are often just well low in Slots with all kinds of variance but maybe they tend to pay a little better in the lower variance Slots.



Another thing to consider is how many paylines the Slot have. Lower amount of paylines (15 or less ) traditionally indicates a Slot with higher variance.  Well that’s seems reasonably logic right? It’s harder to get a win with less paylines. It’s not always so easy though to say how volatile a Slot is just by looking at the paylines.

Nowadays Slot manufactures can make Slots with paylines over 100 000 extremely volatile also. An example of that is all the popular Megaways Slots from BTG


Hit frequency

Last but not least you can  have a look at how often you win on a spin. The more often you win the lower the variance the Slot probably has. Highly volatile Slots typically have a very low hit frequency and you can go many spins without even getting your money back.

Medium Variance Slots have an average hit frequency where the wins don’t come very often (as in Low Variance Slots). The wins do however come more often then in the high variance Slots where you can run in to really long streaks of winning pretty much nothing.



The things above are not at all written in stone and often rules are bent or even broken. Slots are smart nowadays and can have very sophisticated pay out structures. The variance in Slots from recent years is determined by much more then how often the freespins is activated and how many paylines it has.

Different features with expanding and walking wilds as an example can make the Slots more volatile then they appear on the surface.