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Like playing Slots but don’t want the risk of losing too much? Can you settle with smaller but more frequent wins? If yes then Low Variance Slots is the right choice!

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What is "Variance" in a Slot?

The Variance of a Slot game is simply the size and regularity of the pay-outs of a slot game. In some texts, it is referred to as the Volatility of the Slot game. There are a few different types of Variance in Slots.


Low, Medium or High Variance?

Understanding the variance of slot games will help you choose games that suit both your wanted risk and your bankroll management.

Roughly said there are three different types of slot variance: Low Variance Slots that you find on this page, Medium Variance Slots and High Variance Slots. Some slots are in between these level though and in our RTP Top Lists we call these “low – med” or “med – high” variance.

Medium and high variance slots are suitable if your looking for thrills, uncertainty and bigger wins while low variance slots fits better if you want more control over wins and losses. You’ll have to accept that the wins will be more limited in Low Variance Slots though.

How do you know if a Slot is Low Variance?

Well…of course the no. 1 answer to that question has to be that you stay on this site since we tell you what variance slots have. 

However, you can also measure the slot variance by looking at the game’s pay-table. If you notice that a winning combination where the difference between the amounts won for three the same symbols, and the amounts won for six the same symbols is small, then you’ve got a Low Variance Slot game.

Play Low Variance Slots if you like winning

A Low Variance Slot refers to a Slot game that pays more often. However, the payouts from this kind of Slot are often small or at best medium and wins are usually limited to around 1 000x your stake.

In a Low Variance Slot game, it’s common that every three to four spins comes with a small amount of profit. This takes away the risk that comes with multiple spins without any wins at that often come in of a high variance slot game.

However, a low variance slot game is a low profit, slow profit slot game. Low variance slot games require you to play for a very long time to win a larger amount of money.

Casino Bonuses and Low Variance Slots

If you play a Casino Bonus you need to wager a certain amount before you can cash out potential winnings. Something that can be deeply disturbing is when you have wagered let’s say half of the bonus and have won a substantial amount. You then end up losing everything in the end of the wagering of the bonus. 

Most of the time the reason to why people lose their winnings in the end of a bonus is that they keep playing medium and high variance slots.

If you hit a bad losing streak in a slot with high variance it’s easy to get stuck chasing down that free spins round. This can bring heavy losses and it’s common all the winnings end up being lost.

How do you stop that from happening?

Well our general recommendation is to play high variance slots more in the beginning of a bonus and more low variance slots towards the end.

Of course this also depends on if you have won up and want to lose as little as possible of those winnings. If you have little money in the end it can be the right choice to go for higher variance.

It must of course also be said that it can be very beneficial to keep playing high variance slots in the end of bonuses. Sometimes luck strikes over and over again…

Differences between High and Low Variance Slots

A High Variance Slot is different from a Low Variance Slot. High variance slot is like long term investment. They are high-risk slot games that give huge returns on success.

However, playing a high variance slot game could empty your bankroll in minutes, just like winning a high variance slot game will make you a casino jackpot champion.

Pros in Slots with Low Variance

  • Lower risks
  • Profits can still be decent if you play high RTP slots
  • Good to play when you're in a bonus and don't want to risk your winnings
  • Good if you want to play mostly for fun

Cons in Slots With Low Variance

  • Less thrill and excitement
  • Smaller "big wins"


The Return To Player (RTP) rate of a slot game shows the expected profit of a slot game after several spins. In contrast, the variance of that slot game will show the player how this profit will come around—either large and irregularly (high variance), or small, and regularly (low variance).

Since level of variance in the slot predicts how you will be winning you can also calculate what risk you’ll be taking.

In as much as the variance of a slot game will help you take that a calculated risk, and gain more if you have a small bankroll, it isn’t a superior yardstick for choosing which game you should play.

The RTP rate of the game Slot can make a low variance game a good game—allowing you to take low risk, and yet win a considerable sum.