Keno RTP

One thing about the return-to-player (RTP) percentage of Keno varies with each game. While the rules guiding Keno are similar overall, the awards that players get after matching the different drawings are not uniform.

For example, the keno game in the Massachusetts state lottery allows only 12-spot and 11-spot games. The biggest prize that players get when they manage to match all game numbers is just $1 million. When you compare this value to a standard lottery game such as Euro Millions or Powerball, this comes off as a reasonably low RTP.

Alternatively, the Keno from Ohio State’s lottery only has 10-spot wagers. Here, the funny thing is that players get the maximum prize of $100,000 when they eventually match all ten numbers.

You can play Keno games at land-based casinos also. There is a wide range of RTP among casino keno games. This is because a universal RTP system does not guide keno games. 

During the analysis of the RTP of the various Keno games offered Game Maker Machines, everyone but one machine paid back 10,000 times the money bet for a match involving ten numbers.

To this end, people playing Keno are always recommended to check particular rules of their chosen games. People should not base their judgments on the game’s RTP based on previous Keno games from other pay tables. You could remember the RTP of the last keno game you played, but this can vary widely with what you currently have.

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Keno Games does not always have the poorest RTP's

Most reviews tend to refer to Keno games as having a low return-to-player (RTP) percentage. The return to the player offered is a figurative percentage and is often far from reality. These figures represent realistic distributions of all bets from a wide range of games.

To be fair to Keno games, some Slot machine games have RTPs within 60% and 70%. The Wizards of Odds have games that fall within RTP ranges of the 80s and 90s, close to the RTP percentages of numerous Slot games.

Alternatively, many gambling writers describe keno games as having the worst RTP values ever. People often dwell on how slim the chances are for you to win the top prize in Keno games. However, it turns out that Keno games have some pretty decent RTPs, but can be slightly lower than conventional Slot games.

If a player selects two different number groupings on the game, the RTP of this bet would be 92.09%. If a player chooses the three-number chance, they will get an RTP of about 93.04%. Similarly, the RTP of the bet with four numbers is 93.79%. Ultimately, should players summon the courage to bet on the five-number game, and then they are bound to have an RTP of 93.87%.

Furthermore, other numbers that can be bet on are the six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. These betting opportunities come with the respective RTPs of 93.79%, 94. 15%, 92.90%, 93.43%, as well as 94.54%.

Furthermore, in Keno, we have other bets: the 11th, then 12th, then 13th, then 14th, and the 15th betting opportunities. These opportunities all come with the respective RTPs of 93. 10%, 94.22%, 94.90%, 94.27%, as well as 94.39%.