Hit Frequency in Online Slots

If you are into online casinos, you might have heard the term Hit Frequency. Now, we are going to elaborate more on why it can be good to know about Hit Frequency when playing Slots so stay tuned!


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Introduction to Hit Frequency

Has it come to your notice that certain Slots are bound to score a winning combinations more often then others? Notwithstanding chance being a significant segment all the while, there are different components that add to this. One such is the hit frequency of a given game.

We as a whole realize that online Slots are modified to work with a particular goal in mind however seldom do we consider that, liking to just watch the reels turn with the objective of possibly making some money toward the finish of our gaming meeting.

Hit recurrence frequently goes unnoticed by the overall betting local area, being dominated by different variables, for example, RTP and house edge esteems.

Frequency range

This frequency range is very enormous in the gaming domain. Which is basically ascribed to the huge number of games accessible to the overall player base.

With a huge number of games included in the internet betting industry, there will undoubtedly be a contrast between every one of them and the hit recurrence is one of a few.


The Hit Frequency shows the probability at which a triumphant combination will be arrived on a gambling machine. It is introduced as a rate, and it determines the normal number of wagers from which you will make rewards out of 100 wagers played.

In this manner, a hit pace of 25% implies that on normal 25 wagers out of 100 will create winning mixes and will hence bring in players some cash.

Unpredictability of a Slot

As you may have perceived, this component is critical to comprehend the reallocation capability of a machine. It doesn’t give you signs as respects to the size of the rewards, for this data is given through the unpredictability of a machine, that said it advises you at which recurrence the machine pays.

The higher the rate, the more regularly you will have the chances of winning the combinations. Mostly the Hit Frequency lies within 20-30% but it can go upto 50% as well.


Cosmic fortune by Netent is a slot on low volatility and the offered hit frequency is 40.50%. If we go by the netent statistics the winning can be won in every 2.46 rounds.

A slot on high volatility known as vampire, the masquerade displays a 26.05% hit rate.

Remember that the slot suppliers (like Microgaming, Netent, Playtech or Yggdrasil) may go into much more subtleties by uncovering on top of the overall Hit Frequency of a machine, the Hit Frequency for the primary game and for every single unique element (Free Spins or Bonus Games for instance).

Hit Frequency and risk

The risk of the gaming machine can be judged by the Hit Frequency. The less it is significant, the more the likelihood of making rewards each time you make a wager is low. This is the one way a slot can be characterized which is considered to be risky.

Then again, the higher it is, the more the odds the layer needs to make rewards for each wager. The risk will be low in this case.

Where to find the information?

The Frequency rate can often be found on the information sheet of each slot provided by the supplier. Just a small bunch of online club impart this to their players. To discover the Hit Frequency of a machine it is smarter to counsel a specific site like our own.

You will locate an extraordinary number of specialized data in our space audits including the Hit pace of each club game – on our site.

Both these snippets of data are fundamental with the goal for one to understand what rewards it is conceivable to make on an online space, anyway they are absolutely free and have no impact at all on each other.

Hit Frequency and RTP

The RTP then again, which means Return to Player, shows what level of the stake a machine takes care of players. A RTP of 96%, in this manner, implies that for each €100 one bets, on normal €96 will be taken care of to club players. Hence, this number answers the inquiry “What is a machine’s payout?”.

Hit Frequency and Variance (Volatility)

A game’s volatility which might be low, medium low, medium, medium high or high is a calculation which bases itself off the Hit rate and on the amount of the rewards of a video space.

By and large, the more a game is unstable, the more its Hit recurrence is low, notwithstanding, the amount of the rewards will be more significant. In different terms, profoundly unstable openings pay more yet less regularly than low unpredictability ones.

Conversely, a slot on low volatility typically shows a significant Hit Frequency, however the amount of the rewards is less significant. It thusly is a gaming machine which pays more modest, more incessant rewards.

More about the connection to Variance and RTP

While hit frequency manages the normal level of winning twists from the complete number of twists, volatility alludes to the inclination for how a slot rewards its players and the two connection together to for the prize construction for a title.

When discussing volatility, we mean how frequently and how much a slot pays on a more modest level, as opposed to alluding to by and large midpoints. While these are measurements are to some degree hard to anticipate the exactness, there are a few propensities that can be noticed.

Regarding volatility, slots are isolated into two classes – low and high volatility titles. High volatility implies that a game may go for extensive stretches of time without remunerating the player just for a turn to offer a critical payout. Low volatility games, then again, offer payouts all the more frequently yet these come at a lower value to make up for the expanded success rate.

Understanding volatility is crucial as it gives you a superior thought of how a slot capacities and whether it is reasonable for your style of play and financial plan.

RTP is quite possibly the most major parts of betting and it is one of the essential implies that we have available to us to pass judgment on the reasonableness of a game. While not the focal point of our conversation in this article – we have a different one for RTP where we broadly expound – it is as yet significant and adds to the current subject.

RTP establishes the absolute level of all cash that a gambling club game pays out as rewards to players. In any case, there is a trick. The level of all cash paid out is lower than the aggregate sum that goes in. This is the manner by which gambling clubs make their income and keep on being ready to go for quite a long time or many years.

The RTP rate shows the portion of the complete turnover paid out as rewards throughout an extensive stretch of time, similar to the hit recurrence. It is intended to be a drawn out proportion of the decency of a game.

Making a decision about games by their RTP is sufficiently basic. Fundamentally, the higher the RTP rate the more pleasant the title is. By reasonable, we mean the nearer the game gets to having genuine chances as opposed to gambling club chances. Ideally, all gambling club games would have a RTP level of 100% and pay out the very measure of cash that they take in.

Plan your gambling

Those players who play with a little spending plan and who mean to play long with similar equilibrium without completing another store and wish to land some triumphant combinations regardless of whether they are not vital are bound to appreciate high recurrence spaces.

These machines have the bit of leeway to pay regularly and they permit card sharks to play long gaming meeting after the other.

Hot shot players

As low frequency online slots, they are focused on hot shot players. We call them hot shots for they play with a major financial plan and wish to hit enormous successes or immense successes. They are not intrigued by gambling machines which pay incessant little successes.

To hit a gigantic win, they are prepared to play on machines which pay all the more seldom, their spending plan being sufficiently huge to oppose to significant stretches without rewards. They realize they should make more wagers to get a winning combo and are prepared to face this challenge.

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