Baccarat RTP

One of the most popular games played in both online and land-based casinos is Baccarat. Baccarat is a game that originated from either the 15th or 19th century and is widely taught to be primarily based on luck. It is not a skills-based game.

Baccarat is quite famous among casino players due to its low house edge. What does house edge mean? House edge is a term used to describe the average amount of money that the casino holds to over a long time.

For instance, if the house edge of a particular game is 5%, this means if a player gets to play that game over a period repeatedly, the casino will keep about 5% of the total money that they have bet on the game. 

Thus, this means that games with low house edge numbers will seem attractive to players. In terms of casino games, Baccarat is one of the games with the lowest house edge.

Rules and RTP

In Baccarat, there are three possible scenarios; it is the player’s hand wins a game, the game gets defeated by the banker’s hands, or there is a tie. You could place your bets on any one of the three possible outcomes: the player’s hand winning the game, the banker’s hand winning the game, or a tie between them.

The following are the house edge of these outcomes on a game with eight decks:

– House edge for player’s hand: 1.24%

– House edge for banker’s hand: 1.06%, and 

– House edge for a tie: 14.36%

For a game with six decks, you have a uniform house edge for both the scenarios, but the tie scenario comes with a house edge of 14.44%.

If you were playing Baccarat’s game, it is not difficult to see the word, Baccarat RTP or Baccarat return to player percentage. In Baccarat, the return-to-player (RTP) percentage essentially has the opposite meaning to House edge. 

This means that the Baccarat House edge essentially refers to the amount of money the house expects to get back. RTP is quite the opposite. Baccarat RTP nearly the total amount of money that the bettor or player should expect to get back as a prize.

In terms of Baccarat games, you should look for those with really high return values to player percentages. Furthermore, you could also find those with a shallow house edge.

RTP's of various Baccarat games

  • Baccarat (Banker bet) – 98.95%
  • Baccarat (Banker pair bet) – 89.64%
  • Baccarat (Player pair bet) – 89.64%
  • Baccarat (Perfect pair bet) – 91.95%
  • Baccarat (Either pair bet) – 86.29%
  • Baccarat (Player Bonus bet) – 97.35%
  • Lightning Baccarat (The bet) – 94.51%

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