Top 30 Highest RTP for Online Slots

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  • What is RTP?
  • What is considered to be High RTP?
  • How to achieve the Highest RTP when you play?
  • There are Slots missing in the list! Why?
  • What is Slot Variance?

What is Slots RTP?

RTP or theoretical RTP as it’s also called refers to “Return To Player” and is an estimate on how much a Online Slot machine pays back to the player. If a Slot has a RTP of 96.90% you’ll get back on average €96.90 for every €100 you bet.

It’s important to state that a Slot RTP value estimates Slot payback over time. In shorter gambling sessions the RTP can vary greatly and be anything from very low to (hopefully) very high.

In the long run the RTP will however get closer and closer to the Slot’s predetermined RTP. 


Why is RTP important?

Return to Player or RTP (described in percentage) is something Slot players should pay attention to since it gives an idea of the average return over time in a Slot machine.

Since RTP is the best estimate on this Slot payback we recommend you to play Slots with High RTP to maximize your chances of winning.


High RTP can pay off

Even though the difference in RTP can be small it can mean a lot of money i you play a lot. We wanna make the casinos pay back as much as possible when we finally win right!?


Why play Online Slots with High RTP?

If you also love to play online Slots you’ve probably encountered both great joy and great terror when it comes to play sessions. Losing isn’t funny and when you lose for a longer time it can be both costly and depressing. We also know that in the long term it’s most likely the bank (the online casino) that win because of their House Edge against us.


Making the casinos edge smaller

It is however possible to minimize the casinos advantage over us by playing high RTP Slots as much as possible. RTP or Return To Player indicates as you probably know Slot payback over time.

If you mostly bet on Slots with the highest payback your losing streaks won’t be as costly. We do understand that you sometimes just want to play random Slots that you like or get a feeling for (we do the same).

There is however a lot of entertaining Slots with High RTP and we recommend that you check them out!

5 short facts about RTP Slots

  • All slots over 96.50% is considered to be High RTP and the highest are over 97.00%.
  • Always check if the highest RTP slots are restricted to play in a Bonus.
  • If you want to take risks to win big go for High Variance Slots.
  • If you want less risk but smaller and more frequent wins go for Low Variance Slots.
  • RTP differs in every session. The more you play the closer you will get to the RTP.

Which High RTP Slots are best to play?

This is a difficult question to answer because of a few reasons. We’ll try to sort it out. For starters when choosing a slot to play there are some things you need to (or at least should) consider.


What risks are you willing to take?

There are different levels of risk and reward in Slot machines. If you’re going after the big prize (let’s say wins over 2 000x your stake) you should play High Variance Slots. They don’t pay out money often but bigger sums when they do.

They’re also called high volatility Slots because of their highly volatile behavior. All Slots are of course by nature hard to predict but the high variance ones are extremely hard to predict. Why?

Well Slots with high variance deviate a lot from it’s predicted outcome or in Slot terms it’s most likely payout over time. This value is as you probably know the RTP (Return To Player) of the Slot.

An example: A High Variance Slot with the RTP of 97% will most likely never pay out exactly 97%. In one play session it will pay out perhaps 38% and in the next 160%. Over time the payout of the Slot will get closer and closer to 97% though.

Slots with Low Variance have of course the opposite behavior. Since they deviate less from their RTP they’re easier to predict and will more likely pay out money more frequently. On the down side the wins in Low Variance Slots are much smaller (mostly max 1000x your bet).

If you’re satisfied with winning less but more often (and don’t wanna risk your whole bankroll) Slots with lower variance is perfect. If you’re a thrill seeker they’re probably not the right choice though (if perhaps you don’t bet very big on every spin).

Play strategically but don't forget WHY you're playing

Slots is (or at least should be) about pure entertainment and it would probably soon get boring if you only played high paying Online Slots. We don’t do that ourselves and we’re really not people who would promote living according to strict rules that can never be bent.

If you’re in the mood of playing whatever Slots you feel like you should of course go with that feeling! A Slot with the RTP of 94% can also also give extreme wins and be lot’s more fun then one of the higher RTP Slots that we recommend. No one will judge you (least of all us) for just wanting to be entertained and experience some good old video Slot excitement!

What kind of personality you have will of course also always play in as a factor when you make decisions on what Slots to play. Some like to play more risky and go for bigger prizes then others.

This being said we do want to emphasize that if you play a lot of Slots it can be good to at least mix Slots with lower RTP with the higher paying ones. We don’t want the casinos too big of an edge over us right?

Variance and Casino Bonus strategy

Another thing we want to mention is that it’s recommended to play more Low Variance Slots when you’re about to play out the remaining part of the turnover in a Casino Bonus.

Let’s say you won up a larger sum and have 50% left of the wagering requirement. To risk as little as possible of your winnings it can be a good idea to choose Slots with lower variance where you can predict the payout outcome better.

One thing though. Don’t go to any extremes and play the same Slots all the time! This can be considered cheating and your whole Casino Bonus can be confiscated by the casino.

We want to emphasize that we in no way promote cheating Casino Bonuses but a little strategy can’t be wrong. There’s nothing more frustrating then losing all your hard earned money in the end of a Bonus!

To sum it up - It all depends

As most other things in life there isn’t a right or wrong answer to what Slots that is best to play. It all depends on your motive with playing. An important reminder seems suitable in this context. 

No matter if a Slot has high or low RTP or is risky or more predictable it’s good to keep in mind that we’re putting our hard earned money in to the hands of chance.

Well actually it’s not even totally random. We shouldn’t forget the constant edge the casinos have over us. We always play with the odds against us and we need to be prepared to lose the money we put in to the Slot machines.

Strategy or not - Can RTP really help us?

To give a short answer. Yes. And No. First of all we want to be perfectly clear about one thing. Never play Slots as a way of earning money! It might sound obvious but when you’re winning it’s easy to get swept away thinking that “Hey this was easy money. Why don’t I play more often and make MORE money?”.

This could of course work for a while if you’re really lucky but believe us when we say it. It WON’T last forever. We firmly believe that playing Slots should be for pure entertainment and extra excitement in life.

We don’t want to give out any moral cues because we’re all adults and make our own choices. We do however know that gambling can be highly addictive and that it can be easy to lose control. Please play responsibly and always for the fun of it!


Having a strategy will increase your chances

You’re probably on this site for a reason. Maybe because you want to make the casinos edge against you smaller and maximize your chances of winning? Close? Well this anyway is the reason we created this site. We’ve been Slot players ourselves for over 15 years and had our fair share of both big wins and long streaks of losing.

On many occasions we would have wanted listings of which Slots that actually pay back the most money. And maybe also info on what level of variance/volatility the Slots we play have.

In some casinos you can see both the payback (RTP) and how Slot pay out money (variance/volatility) but definitely not in all casinos.


Check for Slots with High Max Win

We have also put the max win in every Slot on this site because that is something we’ve been looking for ourselves. One type of strategy that we recommend is to try to find Medium Variance Slots with high Max Win and High RTP.

We believe that if you take a higher risk playing more volatile Slots there should also be the possibility of extreme wins. What’s the point of playing more risky Slots otherwise?

To sum it all up. It’s been said before but knowledge really is power! If you think before you play you can and will increase your chances. But once again we will never be able to give you the edge against the casino.

10 Best Slot Strategy Tips

  • Choose Slots with High RTP.
  • If you play Slots with High Variance also look for a High Max Win.
  • If your satisfied with doubling your deposit go for Low Variance Slots.
  • Play Casino Bonuses with low wager requirements (max 40x, only Bonus amount).
  • Play High Variance Slots in the start of a Bonus and Low Variance Slots in the end.
  • Adjust your bet size and bet less on high variance Slots.
  • Play offers that casinos send you (don't unsubscribe for mails).
  • Stay focused and don't get too emotional. Try to quit while you're ahead!
  • Make a weekly or monthly gambling budget and keep track of wins and losses.
  • Never play for more then you can afford to lose.

Slot Variance

Variance (sometimes called volatility in the Slot world) is a mathematical term that refers to probability and statistics theory.

In a video Slot context the level of variance gives a clue how much and how frequently the Slot will pay out money.

  • Is there a difference between Variance and Volatility?

Hit Frequency

Another term that is often used in the context of Slot payback is hit frequency. Hit frequency has a very similar meaning to Slot variance since it shows how often you can expect a win in a Slot machine.

Or in other words. Hit frequency is the odds (given in percentage) that a Slot machine will give you a win on any of the spins you make.

It’s important to say that hit frequency does not tell you anything on how big the wins will be only how frequent they will come. Read more about Hit Frequency.


Does RTP, Variance and Hit Frequency relate to each other?

RTP tells us payback over time. This is of course important but it matters most if we play a lot. It is most likely long term payback. Hit frequency on the other hand shows our short term chances of getting wins.

Variance or volatility as it’s also called is closely related to hit frequency and tells us something about the likeliness on how a Slot will pay out money.

As you probably understand variance and hit frequency is very similar and most of the time a Low Variance Slot will have higher hit frequency and a high variance Slot lower. This is not always the case though. We would also say that variance tells us more about the overall behavior of Slot while hit frequency says something about the likeliness of hits in the near future (maybe the next 100 spins).

High Slot Variance

If slot variance is high it’s more likely the slot will pay out money less regularly and deviate more from it’s average pay out over time (RTP). 

With high variance slots you might not win anything (or very little) for a long time but when you finally get that wanted bonus round the wins can get big (or even huge).


Losing streaks in “streaky slots”

Over enough time the payout percentage in the high variance slots will get closer to the RTP like any other slot machine but be ready for longs streaks of losing!

Sometimes high variance slots are called “Streaky” just because of these long streaks without big wins.

Check out our big list with the best paying High Variance Slots.

Medium Slot Variance

Slots with medium variance are gaining more and more popularity. Why? Well probably because they offer something in between high and low risk slots.

These slots can give give wins up to several thousands times your stake but without being extremely risky. Check out Medium Variance Slots with high RTP.

Low Slot Variance

If a slot machine has low variance the probability is higher that it will pay out money more evenly. In other words it will give smaller wins but more frequently and even spread out over time.


If you want to Win More Often

Many slot machines have this pattern probably because the manufacturer assumes that most players enjoy Winning More Often. Check out our best picks of Low Variance Slots.

RNG's and mathematics

Randomness can be a difficult thing to grasp and especially when you’re in the middle of seemingly endless variations of winning and losing streaks in the world of video slots.

Slot machines are based on RNG’s (Random Number Generators) and everything is connected to mathematical branches such as probability as mentioned.


Slots are almost random

Keep in mind is that slots are random but with some modification. The casino always have larger chances of winning your money the you have winning the casinos money. In other words the RTP of a slot will never be over 100%.

Important Reminder

By playing slots with high Return To Player (RTP) you increase your chances of winning. However please keep in mind that there are no guarantees when it comes to random based games.

Even though a high RTP rate will improve your chances the casino will always has the advantage over you.

If a slot has an RTP of 98.7% the bank (the casino) still has a 1.3% edge over us. This might not seem like much but it means that you will lose on average 1.30 dollar for every 100 dollar you bet. 

The more you play the greater is also the likeliness that this will happen.


Nobody is unbeatable

We all know that winning and losing can vary greatly. Any scenario is possible in the lovely (and sometimes scary) world of gambling and randomness.

A feeling of being unbeatable can easily fill us when it’s going good but remember that players that win more then lose in their lives is very rare and nothing we should expect. Please only play for the fun of it!


Be careful when gambling

Try to always play responsible and don’t risk losing more money than you can afford. It’s a good idea to set up a monthly gambling budget to keep track of your wins and losses.

Gambling can be very addictive and if you feel that you can no longer control your gambling you need to seek help. Please don’t take these things lightly! A good place to start if you need support with your gambling habits is

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